The Short Story

Formed in 2005, Brian W. Anderson (vox/gtr.) along with old friends Mike "Tooch" Tuciarone (vox/dr.) and John Meyer (bs.) set out to create a pop band. No more, no less. Drawing from a variety influences, Down Cows delivers familiar, toe-tapping, urbane pop in Rich Dairy Sound.

Know Your Cows



Brian W. Anderson

Duties: Guitar, Voice, MySpace whipping boy

Previously in: The WAFLtones, Capt. Raab & The Patrolling Fartknockerz, Crescent Mantis, Foxes Forest

Influences: The Pernice Brothers, Wisely, Counting Crows, Kent

Sign: Watch for Falling Rocks

Blood Type: Krohn Colheita ’58

Favorite Book: The Real Frank Zappa Book


John Meyer

Duties: Bass, Senior Vice President of External Affairs

Previously in: Foxes Forest

Influences: The Beatles, The Eagles, Chris Isaak

Sign: Here, Here, and Here. . . in triplicate, and please get it notarized before submitting.

Blood Type: Vulcan

Favorite Book: The Essence of Security


Mike "Tooch" Tuciarone

Duties: Drums, Voice, Wagonmaster

Previously in: The WAFLtones, The Snapshots, CHUM, U.P.B.

Influences: Fountains of Wayne, Steely Dan, Firecracker, Randy Newman, The Monkees

Sign: Pisces, Ox

Blood Type: F - -

Favorite Book: The Theory and Practise of Gamesmanship